Terms & conditions of use at Scoobys Doggy Day Care, Swim Centre, Dog Wash, hereinafter maybe referred to as "Scoobys"

By using the services, this website or the facilities offered by Scoobys, Northampton you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of business and the following conditions of use set out below.


Please keep your dog on a short lead and under control at all times whilst at any of Scoobys facilities, please discourage your dog from continual barking as this can antagonise other dogs in the facility. Should your dog toilet anywhere inside, please tell us so we can ensure it is cleaned up properly.

The complex/building is very liable to having wet floors throughout, you should always take precautions as if you were "poolside" entering the building from any point, suitable non slip footwear should be worn and extreme caution taken whilst on the premises. We have taken appropriate steps to mitigate and warn of risk or injury whilst at Scoobys, or using any of its facilities, you enter the building and use the facilities at your own risk.

I agree to notify Scooby’s of any infectious and/or contagious disease or conditions my dog has been exposed to or is affected by. Such diseases and conditions include, but are not limited to Distemper, Hepatitis, Kennel Cough (Bordatella), Parvovirus, worms, Lyme disease, Fleas, Pregnancy, Infectious Skin Diseases and Intestinal Parasites.

By using/entering our services/premises, you accept that whilst every effort is made to maintain suitable hygiene standards, Scoobys will not accept responsibility/liability for any virus or disease you or your dog may contract during or after your visit.

In the event of an emergency whilst at scoobys, follow the instructions of the nearest member of staff, in the event of needing to evacuate the building follow the signs to your nearest emergency exit.

Scoobys will on occasions take videos or pictures of dogs whilst using our facilities to post on social media platforms for promotional and customer pleasure purposes, Scoobys will retain the rights to any media taken, please inform us if there is any reason you would like us to refrain from including either yourself or your dog in any such media posts. We have extensive cctv coverage in public areas for security purposes, this will remain the property of Scoobys and private to the owners of Scoobys, unless requested by a person of official capacity for the detection of crime.

Due to the nature of our business it is inevitable that you will encounter other dogs in scoobys. sometimes dogs can be unpredictable around children, therefore we strongly suggest that children are not brought into the premises.  Our facility is designed to be safe for paws but not little fingers, so if you choose to bring them into the reception area, please do not let them roam, a dog could walk in at any time. Scoobys does not accept any liability for children on the premises for any reason.

Additional terms for use of the swim centre and its services

Before booking a swim session, where possible we recommend consulting a veterinarian if you have any concerns regarding your dog swimming or participating in the exercise that this entails. We do not accept any responsibility for injury occurring whilst participating in the swim centre activities at Scoobys as we do not have access to any medical records or knowledge of any health conditions your dog may have, we therefore can not offer any medical advice with regards to suitable activities.

You or your dog should not enter the pool if you have/had any of the following;

The use of toys for encouragement in the pool. We have some toys that you are welcome to use whilst in the pool and you are welcome to bring their favorite toy if that will help, by retrieving or grabbing a toy from the surface of water there is a risk of water ingestion, although excess water ingestion is very uncommon, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with symptoms of over hydration or fluid on the lungs, and monitor them after the swim session if you are concerned.

We recommend that humans entering the pool must be at least 150cm/5ft in height, be a competent swimmer or provide/wear suitable life support equipment, they should also be physically capable of supporting the dog swimming in case of difficulty, whilst a member of staff is on hand to assist with encouraging your dog to swim, they are not trained to a life guard standard and are not there in that capacity. You & and anyone accompanying, swim/use the facilities at your own risk & we (scoobys doggy day care/scoobys swim centre or its owners) do not accept liability for any injuries that may occur whilst on the premises.  If you have any infectious foot conditions ie a verruca, please ensure you wear a suitable covering at all times in the pool area and pool. Children will not be allowed into the pool area for safety reasons and due to its close proximity to the day care, the inevitable excitement noise from a child will seriously agitate the dogs in the day care.

Should your dog empty their bowels in the pool on more than one occasion/visit, you may be charged for the cancellation of the following sessions.

On your first session you will be asked to complete a short form with contact details, your dogs health (a declaration that you know of no reason they shouldn't participate) and any available vaccination details. these details will be kept in a safe place by us and only used to satisfy the license requirements of record keeping in case of an infectious outbreak, we do not use these details or pass them on to any other person or business.

Additional terms for Doggy Day Care use

to follow

Additional terms for Dog Wash use

Scoobys provides various items for use within the dog wash, shampoos, drying cloths and flannels etc, these are for use within scoobys and removal without permission will be deemed theft.

Scoobys does not provide shampoos suitable for specific conditions or allergies, should your dog suffer from allergies or have a skin condition that requires a specific shampoo, please bring suitable supplies with you, scoobys will not accept any liability for the use of our generic shampoos that are only labelled for their ideal use.

If you are washing your dog yourself, for the purpose of safety continuously check/monitor the water temperature as you progress throughout the wash, it is regulated via a CE certified valve but can fluctuate with excessive demand through the building.