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Swim session whilst in day care: 30 minutes pool time

Use this to book a swim session for when your dog is at day care, they will get 20 minutes in the pool on a one to one session with a member of staff, or 30 minutes pool time paired with another suitable dog if we feel they may benefit from some company or encouragement for their session. After swimming they will be showered, dried and returned to the day care, be sure to tell us what time you will be collecting them so we can ensure they have had their session and are ready to go.

maggie swimming at scoobys doggy day care and swim centre

Usually in the first session they can be a little hesitant, we will ease them into venturing down the ramp with toys and encouragement hoping to at least have them swimming up and around the pool by the end of the first session.

If they have subsequent sessions fairly soon after the introduction, trials have shown that they are a lot more confident and more often than not will even jump in the pool to retrieve a favourite toy etc. Swimming for dogs is a very high intensity activity, usually around the 20 minute mark they begin to slow and tire, so we feel 20 to 30 minutes is more than enough for most dogs.

To book:  If you are purchasing this to go alongside a day care package and know the day/date required, fill in the required details below and add to cart, go through checkout and make payment, we'll then add that to their day care booking. If they attend multiple days a week and you are flexible on the day/date they swim, simply enter anytime or this week for example.

If you would like to book 1 swim session and 1 day care session together, you can do that here book day care and swim session

Swim centre opening times:  available with day care anytime the day care is open.

To the non day care using public, the pool is open the following times  Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturdays 9.30am to 4.30pm, Sundays at a later date, these opening times are temporary until we establish sufficient staff coverage to open maybe a little longer & later.

Prices:  £12.00 per dog, per session, they will be showered and dried afterwards (towels etc are supplied by us).

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swim session with day care