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Regular swim session

This session is for those that have completed a starter session, become reasonably confident in the surroundings and gained the confidence to use the ramp to enter/exit the pool, the session is based around 20 mins pool time per booked session.

scoobys canine aqua swim centre, NorthamptonWe recommend at the beginning of every session that your dog is shown/guided back to the ramp a couple of times to remind them how to exit the pool.

We have toys available, however feel free to bring their favourite toy if you think it will help, all we ask is that they are reasonably clean and float

To book:  please text the pool mobile phone with the following;  your name, number of dogs, session required, day, date & ideal time(s) required, we will text back as soon as possible either confirming your requirements as booked, or tell you the closest available appointment. (out of hours responses may take longer) If you would rather not text, you are welcome to call the day care on 01604 700128, however you may have to hold while the bookings are checked for availability.

Number to text: 07809 332096

Once your booking is confirmed:  fill in the booking details below and add to cart, go through checkout and make payment, alternatively you can pay in person upon arrival at scoobys.

Please ensure you have followed the steps above before booking/paying here as refunds will be subject to the deduction of non refundable fees incurred processing the transaction, these are currently 3%

Swim centre opening times: 

Monday to Friday 10.30am to 5.30pm

Saturdays 9.15am to 5.00pm

last session begins 45 minutes before closing time

Session Price: 1st dog is £24.00, each additional dog sharing the same session thereafter is £12.00 per dog, maximum 5 small dogs or 3 larger dogs (more than 2 dogs in the pool may require 2 people in the pool with them dependant on dogs swimming ability). All payments must be made before the session.

The temperature of the pool is set to 30c, once in use it generally sits at around 27-29c, this temperature is set to benefit dogs that swim for the heat on their joints and muscles alleviating any problems they may have.  you should be aware that dogs feel the heat much more than humans therefore what doesn't feel hot to you will be a nice comfortable temperature for your dog.  (public swimming pools are mostly set between 24c - 26c). 

Changing rooms are available within the pool area.

There is a warm shower available for you to rinse your dog after their swim (if you require a full wash/shampoo after the session, this will be need to be booked in our dedicated dog wash area and will be subject to an additional charge) we have towels available to dry the dogs, if you intend to go in the pool yourself please bring a towel.

A quick brush of your dogs coat before your appointment and a rinse in our shower before they get in goes a long way towards preventing excess hair shedding in the pool.

Please remember its important that your dog has emptied their bowels recently before the session to avoid soiling of the pool and CANCELLING of other peoples appointments for cleaning and sanitising. 

Please see our terms and conditions of business .

regular swim session