frequently asked questions

Q: I want to use the Doggy Day Care
A: give us a call or come and see us, we do have a short application form that will need completing to ensure we have all the information we need to look after your dog the best we can. 
To ensure we are compliant with the local authority license we will need to take and keep a copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate including kennel cough, any relevant health records, the details of veterinary practice that your dog is registered with and emergency contact details.
While attending the doggy day care your pets flea and worming treatments should be kept upto date, we would hate for them to bring home any parasites or bring anything into the creche for someone else to take home, prevention is far better and cheaper than the cure.

Q:  do i have to register or can i just turn up with my dog?
A:  we welcome new faces, however to protect your dog, all of our other dogs and our staff, your dog will need to be temperament tested and you will need to answer a few questions on your pets history. It is important to tell us of anything you may be worried about so we can look out for that behavior and correct it quickly, having a small problem does not automatically mean your dog wont be able to attend the doggy day care in Northampton, it will just need closer monitoring and management.
we do not accept dogs that have a problem aggressive nature towards other dogs or humans, our main rule of thumb is, no fighters, no biters, no humpers.

Q:  does my dog have to be castrated?
A: We have to be considerate to our female guests, we wouldn't want any unwanted puppies on our hands. To that end all male dogs over 6 months of age must be castrated at least 4 weeks before coming to Scoobys Doggy Day Care, other medicinal methods of castration may be considered, please contacts us to talk about your circumstances.

Q:  Does my girl have to be spayed?
A:  no, it is preferred but not required however in consideration for our other guests we recommend you keep your girl at home during her season and for 2 weeks after the season has ended.

Q:  my dog doesn't like to play all day, but i want her to have the option of company if she wants it?
A:  thats perfectly ok, we have a quiet lounge where the dogs are encouraged to rest, excitable and energetic dogs will be kept out of this area and comfortable bedding will be available.
bedding stations are tactically situated around all the rooms so your dog can sit on the sidelines in comfort and watch the action from afar should they wish to.

Q:  do you walk the dogs?
A:  we do not walk the dogs outside the center, the large space (9000 square feet), different areas and activities are more than enough to provide the daily exercise your pet will need each day, the fact that there are other dogs around they can play with freely is just as exciting as meeting dogs out on a walk, especially if they are kept on a lead through fear of escape. we also have 3000 sq feet of secure outside area, with grass, gravel and hard standing.

Q:  will my dog be taught bad habits by the other dogs?
A:  dogs when in a group will pick up on each others actions, however trained staff will be on hand to correct positively any inappropriate things the dogs do, but most of all the dogs will be encouraged to pick up and follow the good things that other dogs do, hopefully helping to break any bad habits your dog may already have and teach them some new good habits. If you have a particular worry about your dogs actions or behavior either before they come to us or once they are with us, please talk to us about it and we may be able to help.

Q:  Do you offer grooming?
A:  Not at present but it will be introduced shortly, we do offer either a self serve dog wash, or we can wash your dog for a small extra charge using the self serve dog wash.

Q: we've completed the forms and been approved to attend, do we need to book?
A: we would prefer you to book if possible so we can ensure we have enough staff working to provide your dog with the best care possible, also we have a maximum number we can take a day, it would be advisable to book and reserve your place. If you find yourself needing our services without notice, please call and check availability on 01604 700128.


download the registration form here