Dogs that are left at home for long periods of time can find it very stressful and boring, many dogs can become destructive or annoy the neighbours by howling and barking all day. Scoobys doggy day care Northampton is the perfect place to bring your dog while you are at work or away from home, the dogs will have the company of other dogs, have plenty of room to play and keep occupied for the time they are with us.

some dogs playing outside in the yard at scoobys doggy day care northampton

Regular attendance will help your dog stay used to being around other dogs and acclimatised to Scoobys doggy day care, this also helps most dogs show an improvement in temperament, physical health and most even pick up some good habits from our star dogs and helpers. Many people have been greatly impressed by the difference attending doggy day care on a regular basis has made to not only the dogs quality of life but the calmness and happiness of the family in the home too.

the outside area at Scoobys doggy day care Northampton

Scoobys Doggy Day Care Northampton is great fun for your dog and has also been shown to benefit dogs that are hyperactive, nervous around other dogs or simply need the social interaction with other dogs that they may be missing because they cannot be let of the lead in the park, whilst at scoobys all the guests are allowed to roam the areas off lead and are encouraged to mix and play with the other dogs.

Once your pet is inside the doggy day care centre they will be encouraged to use the facilities available, there will be times of play and rest throughout the day to ensure your dog does not over exert themselves. 

All of our equipment is strong, washable, safe, suitable for use in all weathers and in secure areas, so there will be no restrictions or out of bounds for the dogs at scoobys whatever the time, come rain or shine.

duke and daisy at scoobys doggy day care northampton

 Fresh water is always available throughout the day, should your dog require a feed during their stay we have a dedicated separate dog kitchen with feeding area.

If its raining we will still encourage them to venture outside for the toilet to avoid any normalisation of toileting inside, wee is washed away on a regular basis, poo is picked up in biodegradable bags and collected by a licensed contractor weekly. All of our equipment inside or out is sanitised on a regular basis with dog safe chemicals.   

We have separate areas for varying size and temperament of dogs, for security we have 5 dividing walls/doors between the first day care areas and any public areas, the outside areas have building walls to 3 sides and an 8ft solid fence, backed up by the outside 6ft security fence to the front. 

In the day care we have staff dedicated to looking after your dogs, they won't be off the premises at any time to walk other dogs or go pet sitting like some other day cares and home based operators. All of our staff have relevant experience, relevant training/certificates and undergo in house training for the unique day to day experience that is free roam doggy day care, staff are also trained in canine first aid.

The doggy day care environment is not suitable for every dog, in fact some dogs can get on really well at one day care but not another, we will be completely honest and tell you as soon as it becomes apparent if we feel your dog is not enjoying their time at scoobys, 

If you are interested in our doggy day care services, in the first instance please contact us on the number below to arrange a trial visit and ask any questions you may have, after your dog is registered and completed a trial visit you will be able to book online for future visits.
telephone 01604 700128
or visit our facebook page to message us

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Primary requirements for dogs to attend daycare