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Here you can book a swimming session for your dog, you can book either a session in which you enter the pool with your dog (a member of staff will be on hand if you need them), or a staffed session in which a member of staff will go into the swimming pool with your dog. At this time we can not offer medical advice or hydrotherapy accreditation, however we are happy to assist your dog in the pool to get some extra exercise and maybe lose some weight, help mobility, learn to swim or just have great fun.

All of our offered sessions at present are on a individual basis, ie you will have the pool area to yourself.

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We can also offer a one to one swim with day care (for registered day care users only), book via the day care page for your dog to receive a swim during their day care stay, available with 5 hour or all day bookings.

Before booking a session, where possible we recommend consulting a veterinarian if you have any concerns regarding your dog swimming or participating in the exercise that this entails. We do not accept any responsibility for injury occurring whilst at scoobys participating in the swim centre activities as we do not have access to any medical records or knowledge of health conditions your dog may have, we therefore can not offer any advice with regards to suitable activities. By booking/participating you are deemed to have read and accepted our terms & conditions of use.

 We should point out that once a session(s) of any length has begun, we are unable to refund or discount if your dog is completely unwilling to participate and enter the pool, however we are happy to persist for the full length of the booked time if required. We reserve the right to refuse handling of a dog that shows any dangerous aggression towards a member of staff.

Do not feed your dog a meal 3 hours before and 60 minutes after the session, a stomach full of food can cause serious even fatal complications whilst swimming, especially in bigger dogs.

If your dog sheds a lot of hair, a quick brush before the session goes a long way towards helping our filter system keep the pool hair free, whilst brushing inspect your dogs skin to check for any open wounds or signs of infection that may be of concern.  Please ensure your dog has had access to toilet facilities before entering the building, alert us if your dog has a toilet accident anywhere inside the building so we can clean it up thoroughly, should your dog poo in the pool, the session will end to enable the cleaning and sanitisation of the water, no refunds will be given.

Sessions available:

Starter Session;  this session is aimed at first time users only allowing a little extra time to get used to things, 30 minutes long £25.00 first dog, each additional dog £12.00

Regular swim session;  aimed at returning swimmers, this session gives 20 minutes pool time, £22.00 first dog, each additional dog £10.00.

20 minutes sessions with regular rest breaks on the pontoon, is the maximum length of time recommended by a majority of governing bodies and experts within the hydrotherapy industry for the average healthy dog, most dogs we've had in the pool are showing signs of fatigue after 20 mins.

Before selecting one of the sessions below, please read our terms & conditions of use.

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